The Kangaroo Jumper has a great track record especially in the area of safety. Careful consideration was given to the re-design of the product before it was released onto the USA market. It was not acceptable to have high insurance costs so it was in conjunction with the Insurance companies that additional safety features were incorporated. Some issues that have arisn from time to time almost always relate to a Lack of a management plan.

With so many people of all shapes and sizes jumping all at the same time you would be forgiven if you thought that there would be a lot of accidents however there are very good reasons why this does not happen:

  • The Kangaroo Jumper is low-level
  • There are no hard surfaces to land on
  • A roll-off area of Pea Gravel or sand is maintained around the entire periphery of the jumper
  • The unique design of the Kangaroo Jumper is such that the jumping of one person has minimal effect on the bounce of another - totally different dynamics to that of a Trampoline or Jumping Castle.
  • Timers turn the Kangaroo Jumper off at dusk - when the Kangaroo Jumper is off it deflates to ground level and cannot be used
  • Signage indicates other safety policy for users of the Kangaroo Jumper.


Generally, incidents that do occur on the Kangaroo Jumper from time to time relate to non observance of the rules and safety policies; we have experienced the occasional rolled ankle or a bumping of two participants. Rolled ankles are normally the result of landing on someone else's foot (jumping too close together). Some times people just do silly things and it is incumbent upon the owner/manager of the facility to enforce safety guidelines so that even minor occurrences can be avoided.

The Kangaroo Jumper is tough and damage is rare. The Kangaroo Jumper is not affected in extreme tempertures both hot and well below freezing.




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