Information for Insurance Companies & Clients:

  • The Jumping Pillow was a brand new product to the USA in 2004. The first USA installation took place at the Charlotte KOA Campground in April of 2004. Installations now exceed 700 throughout the 50 states of the USA. There is a growing number of competitor products now and the term 'Jumping Pillow' has become generic in the USA. Our product is now called 'The Kangaroo Jumper' in an effort to separate the best from the rest.
  • Since 2004 Jumping Pillows LLC has developed additional safety features as a result of working with the requirements of USA based Insurance Companies and sometimes we've simply recognized an area where improvement can be made and we've made it. Our improvements in the 2013 model Kangaroo Jumper have raised the safety bar significantly.
  • Installing each Kangaroo Jumper to established safety standards so that each installation provides our clients with longevity and trouble-free operation, is established company policy.

To Understand the motivation for some new features you must first be exposed to potential dangers.

  1. People being able to jump recklessly high can injure others on their decent. In 2013 all Kangaroo Jumpers come with a 'Variable Speed Motor' this allows the operator to vary the bounce to suit the circumstances. This Motor/Blower unit can be retro-fitted to existing installations.
  2. When the surface becomes wet it also becomes very slippery and the product should be turned off. Unfortunately, some operators are less than diligent in doing this. The Kangaroo Jumper 'Ultimate' material has a new anti-slip surface which makes for a surer footing when wet. It is still recommended that the Jumper is turned off when the surface is wet but if for one reason or another this does not happen then the potential for injury is greatly reduced.
  3. The surrounding sand covers the hard edge of the installation so that people jumping off are landing in soft sand and not on the hard edge. If this sand level drops and exposes the hard edge then the potential for injury is high. We have developed a new method of covering this hard edge so that it is never exposed.
  • The Kangaroo Jumper is low-level
  • There are no hard surfaces to land on
  • A 3'-6' roll-off area of soft sand is maintained around the entire periphery of the jumper
  • The unique design of the Kangaroo Jumper is such that the jumping of one person has minimal effect on the bounce of another
  • Timers turn the Jumper off at dusk - when the Jumper is off it deflates to ground level and cannot be used
  • Clients are instructed to turn the Jumper off during rain
  • Download a complete list of Recommendations HERE

“As an enjoyable yet safe, user friendly, cost effective, all-age entertainment activity the Kangaroo Jumper is as good as it gets. "As an added bonus, to be actually endorsed by the insurers it’s all the more attractive again”. (Darryl S. Shadrack Resort - Australia)

So, who will insure the Kangaroo Jumper?

To date we have had no problem with Insurers both local and National. Speciality national insurers such as Leavitt Recreation, HUB International, Evergreen Insurance, Farm Family Insurance and Gillingham & Associates Inc. Outdoor Insurance Group now are very aware of the Kangaroo Jumper and have non-inhibitive and specific policy regarding insuring the Kangaroo Jumper. There is no problem with insuring the Kangaroo Jumper.

If your insurance company is unsure of our product, please have them make contact with us!


In the USA and Canada we recommend:

 Leavitt Group

 Toll-Free: (800) 525-2060


 HUB - BHJ Insurance, Inc.

Ask for Aaron Linden

Toll Free: (800) 300-4370



 Westland Insurance

Ask for Ken Donat


Evergreen USA RRG, Inc.
10 Falcon Rd.
Lewiston, ME 04240

(207) 784-6475 (fax) 


 Outdoor Insurance Group
Ask for
Leana DeFurio
mention code word 'Moonshine'


Ph: 865 387 8706
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