Analogy of the product - Jump Pad

I looked at this product 2 years ago and dismissed it as to dangerous for a public or commercial playground environment and the eventual insurance problems in the USA market were also quite evident. Esentially, this is a 'Jump House' without the walls, Jump Houses have walls for a reason!

This new product is now being marketed agressively to the Campground Industry and I suspect that other Business Sectors will see it soon as well. The following is my analogy of the dangers of this product. At first sight it is easy to think 'Oh what a great product' just stop and think about the following then make up your own mind as to whether or not there is substance to the analogy. First go here to see the video!

  • The first thing to notice is how the two children cannot stay jumping without falling over, this is because of the uneven surface. It is their forward momentum that saves them on most occasions until they eventually fall over. There is no video of kids jumping up and down, if there was the unsure footing causing them to fall over would be even more prevalent. Now, imagine 20 or 30 kids jumping on this thing at the same time. 20 or 30 kids constantly falling and crashing into eachother! It is my opinion that it would have to be limited to no more than 10 participants to keep the injuries to a minimum. Throw in some larger kids as well and you have real problems.
  • Notice how the two little girls get uncomfortable very quickly, they try jumping, fall over then elect to skip back to their starting spot and they get off. They do not return. We all know that if this was a Kangaroo Jumper then the kids would jump for hours.
  • There are lots of families at this facility, why is there only one boy jumping?
  • The boy in the yellow shirt attempts 23 times to jump from one end to the other, he succeeds 7 times, the other 16 times he either falls over or stops to regain control.
  • Let's say that half way through this video they get a shower of rain. How do you get the water out of the groves, even when deflated the water will still sit in the groves, I can only think it would have to be mopped up before being able to be used again? No such problem on a Kangaroo Jumper.
  • Here is a video of a skilled teenager doing a series of flips etc. on a Jumping Pillow in Denmark, we absolutely don't condone this activity but it is a good demonstration of the difference in footing. Could he do all this stuff on a 'Jump Pad' with it's uneven surface?
  • Here is a video of two older boys on the same 'Jump Pad' you have to watch toward the end when they decide to use the edge to do some inventive stuff, we all know that boys will be boys and this will happen regardless of your rules. How long before this activity at the edge causes serious injury? It is a numbers game.
  • Because of the dynamics of the edge, how long before someone does serious injury landing on the blower box?
  • Without a shadow of doubt, this product will go the same way as did the 'Trampoline' and will be uninsurable for use in a commercial environment.Time will tell!

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