Visiting from Australia - Things you should know!

In Australia the 'Jumping Pillow' is a popular product and it is a good product however it is not an out of pocket expence as you know, rather it is Capital Expenditure, it's the same here in the USA. Until now Australian businesses have not had the benefit of choice and we seek to remedy that. Right now you can choose a Kangaroo Jumper supplied from the USA and delivered to your door and some time in 2014 we seek to manufacture in Australia to supply the local market and some of our overseas distributors.

Over time I've further developed our product 'The Kangaroo Jumper' with two things in mind:

Longevity: This is purely dependent on material quality and the sad fact of life is that in Australia the very best material has to be imported, no different to the USA as the best material available is made in Europe. Australia does not provide enough sales to warrant the importing of the minimum yardage required by the manufacturer of the material and it is for that reason that the Australian product is less than the best available. That does not mean it is not good it just means that Longevity is less than it could be and less than it is in the USA and Europe. The two enemies to the product are UV exposure and sand abrasion and we've addressed both.

Safety: When managed properly the product is as safe if not safer than any other playground item, however another sad fact is that in the Caravan Park Industry it is often not possible to constantly monitor the jumping activity (people break the safety rules) and a fact of life that the sand level is often not maintained at the correct level (exposing the hard edge causes problems) and the product is often not turned off during rain (becomes slippery and dangerous). These are the three main reasons that incidents/accidents/injury occur.

In developing the 'Kangaroo Jumper' I have addressed all of these items in an effort to maximize the product life and minimize the risk of injury. We believe that this is what sets us apart from the Jumping Pillow as that product is the same today as it was 20 years ago, the trouble is that society is very different than it was 20 years ago - costs, litigation, insurance etc.

The message here is that you to can have a Kangaroo Jumper - read on..

Here is what we've done!
We use a material which is specifically made for the Kangaroo Jumper it has the highest UV protection possible, any more of the UV additive in the PVC would alter the molecular structure. We have also elliminated the need for a sand barrier to cover the hard edge. This will have the double effect of 1/ 'Looking Better than Sand'. 2/ ' Reducing Abrasion to virtually nil'. and 3/ 'No need to constantly maintain the sand level - no maintenance'.

Safety: The Kangaroo Jumper material goes through an additional process at manufacture where an 'Anti-Slip' coating is applied, this makes the surface a lot less slippery when wet. We recommend that the Jumper is turned off during rain but if it isn't, then at least it's far more safe. In addition the method of illiminating the sand provides a permanently covered hard edge which does not need maintence.

Here's what you can expect:
In the harsher sun climates of Queensland and Northern Territory expect your Kangaroo Jumper to not only last around 8 -10 years but to continue to look good as well. How long has your Jumping Pillow lasted before the need to replace?
You can also expect to drastically reduce your exposure to being sued because of someone being injured.

How do you purchase a Kangaroo Jumper in Australia?
I supply to many overseas countries without any fuss, Mexico & South Americian Countries, Israel, Africa South Korea and more to follow. I have one export Price list and I make the 'Kangaroo Jumper' available to existing businesses in Australia at that price. All you need to do is contact a Customs Agent in your closest City and get them to quote a price to deliver to your door from my door in Arlington Texas, you will be surprised at the landed cost compared to getting a Jumping Pillow from Australia. Contact me and I'll send you the Price List. By the way, the sizes are no problem if you're replacing an existing canvas and if it's a new installation our Motor and Blower unit is also 240 volt.

Replacing your existing Jumping Pillow Canvas is easy and installing from scratch is not Rocket Science. It is not a difficult process but it is an exacting one. Here in the USA we have clients install their own all the time and we don't have failures. On the day of install or replacement we work with you remotely and guide you from start to finish. Many clients simply prefer our quallified installers to do the job and that's fine too. It's your choice!

Who are you dealing with?
Gary Wakerley and I'm a Queenslander who worked in the Caravan Park Industry for many years before coming to the USA to launch the Jumping Pillow. I'm not associated with Jumping Pillows Aust. now. My product is the leader by far here in the USA and soon I'll be returning to Australia to launch the Kangaroo Jumper through the State and Franchise Trade Shows. I expect that from 2014 my wife and I will spend half the year back home.

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