The Origonal USA Jumping Pillow Now the vastly Improved
'Kangaroo Jumper'

We are Jumping Pillows LLC. of Tennessee and we have distributed the Jumping Pillow product in the USA and Canada since 2004. Our product has been manufactured here in the USA for many years and it has served us and you very well. We here in the USA have continued to develop every aspect of the product to meet the demands of the USA businesses we serve and the regulartory statutes of all 50 states, we have also paid close attention to the requirements of the Insurance companies in the ongoing development of the product. Today our product is vastly superior to the Jumping Pillow and all other like products - to an extent that we believe our USA made product deserved it's own identity.

the safest Jumping Pillow type product on the market!

With nine years experience and over 1000 installations we are positioned to serve you well. We absolutely stand by our products here at Jumping Pillows LLC. and in doing so we offer the very best prices, options, warranty and unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the business sectors we serve. Guaranteed!

Ph: 865 387 8706
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Another World First!

The Outdoor Jumper with our new 'No Sand Option' raises the bar in Playground Safety, Maintenance, Product Life and Playground Aesthetics. The Carpeted Foam used to cover the hard edge is melded to the Jumper so that it becomes one smooth continuous and seamless surface. No need to constantly rake up the sand to maintain covering, no more need to top up the sand between seasons and no more sand in the Swimming Pool. No more sand abrasion either!

No sand abrasion adds at least 1-2 years on the life of your Kangaroo Jumper making it a sound economic decision to pay the extra for this exclusive option. The option is available on all new purchases including replacement canvases.

The clean environment created by the 'No Sand Option' gives your playground an even bigger 'WOW' effect! No Maintenance and No Abrasion means a longer canvas life!

Call Gary on 865 387 8707

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